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  • Dental Implant options at Cox Bond Dental
  • Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants
  • Dental Implants Promote Jaw Health
  • Placing Dental Implants—How It’s Done
  • A Comfortable, Anxiety-Free Implant Experience
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  • Dental Implant options at Cox Bond Dental

    Helping you have a healthier life is our top priority, and when you lose a tooth, we know that both your physical and emotional health is affected. Thanks to today’s cutting-edge technology, we offer a variety of teeth replacement options and look forward to helping you find the best fit for you. At Cox Bond Dental, we recommend dental implants as the golden standard for replacing missing teeth because of their natural and functional resemblance to real teeth.

    Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

    The ability for a replacement tooth to look, feel, and function like a natural tooth belongs to dental implants alone. Other tooth replacement methods, such as bridges and full and partial dentures, provide satisfactory results, but only dental implants replace an entire tooth, from the implant screw that mimics tooth roots to the final crown that is seen above your gumline.

    The implant screw is made of titanium which has the capacity to fuse with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Once we have expertly placed the implant, it begins fusing with bone and tissue, forming a solid attachment. We place the final restoration when the healing period of a few months is complete.

    Dental Implants Promote Jaw Health

    In addition to looking like natural teeth, dental implants function like natural teeth, from the artificial root to that of the crown. A secure implant helps to keep neighboring teeth stabilized and in place.

    One of the biggest advantages of getting dental implants is the way in which the titanium post becomes part of your jawbone and prevents it from deteriorating, a common result of tooth loss. Implants allow you to chew which provides movement that bulks up the jaw, keeping it healthy.

    With dental implants, people are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life.

    Placing Dental Implants—How It’s Done

    At Cox Bond Dental, we take care of every step in the dental implant process. We use advanced technology to take impressions that guide us as we precisely place the implant and then carefully craft the final crown. This allows us to oversee each part of the treatment and ensure you’re receiving superior care throughout the entire dental procedure.

    First, we place the implant (a small titanium screw) in your jawbone. We use computer-guided implant surgery which ensures the highest level of dentistry: extreme accuracy and optimal, long-term results.

    Next, we wait for the bone and tissue around the implant to heal.

    Upon completion of the healing period, we secure an abutment to the implant which will connect to the final restoration. Finally, we place the final crown, bridge, or denture.

    A Comfortable, Anxiety-Free Implant Experience

    Our dentists are highly skilled and trained in placing implants, so the patient experience of having an implant placed isn’t much different from having a tooth pulled. We’ve found that the combination of our dentists’ gentle touch, and our staff’s compassionate care have set our practice in a league of our own, with experiences much more comfortable than expected.

    Nitrous Oxide

    The most common form of sedation dentistry for implant placement at our practice is nitrous oxide. This form of anesthesia calms and relaxes you without putting you to sleep. Even though you’re awake, sounds and activity seem far away, and you’ll have no memory of the procedure.

    How to Care for Your Dental Implants

    This long-term solution for replacing one or more missing teeth can last a lifetime. One way to ensure the longevity of your implants is to keep your gums healthy. Implant failure most often results from gum disease which causes the supporting bone to deteriorate.

    In addition to keeping an eye on your gums, brush and floss your teeth daily just like you care for your natural teeth. And attend your regular checkups and dental cleanings every six months.

    Candidates for Dental Implants

    The most important qualification for getting a dental implant is having adequate bone mass in your jaw to support the implant post. We use 3D cone beam technology to evaluate your jawbone when you come in for your initial consultation.

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